Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter Running

Happy workout Wednesday!!!

 I use to suffer with severe anxiety about 2 years ago, and from time to time I can feel it act up again. There are numerous reasons I can feel it pop up...if I'm not eating healthy, if I'm not working out, if I'm stressed, if I'm not sleeping enough, the weather, around the time of the month, or if a full moon is near (I'm not kidding about the last one). So it can be a constant battle sometimes, but keeping myself healthy is the biggest way to handle my anxiety. I will admit I haven't been eating so well, theres a full moon tomorrow and I'm feeling so dull with this weather. I woke up at 6am this morning in full anxiety, panic mode and I knew this morning it was time to pound the pavement. Although running in the winter can be brutal with ice and snow, it is truly the most therapeutic. The fresh air, flushed cheeks and battling the outside obstacles, makes it the best kind of workout. Running is truly my therapy. This was exactly what I needed this morning, and you best believe I'm making this part of my daily routine from now on.

Pants : Lululemon
Coat : Adidas
Shoes : Nike Free Run

-Sydney Hoffman


Here's another pinspiration post for you all courtesy of Paula Coop McCrory top 50 most influential pinners in the world. Not to mention one of the sweetest Canadian's I know.

Make sure to follow along for more of these fabulous, inspiring pins (here)

-Sydney Hoffman

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Favourite Lipsticks

Its hard to pick out my favourite lipsticks, when I have such a big collection. I didn't want to showcase that MAC lipsticks are my only favourites, because I have others. Although MAC is my number 1 choice, there are tons of other amazing brands that are just as good with a cheaper price tag. 

 From Left to Right :

MAC - Riri Woo or Ruby Woo
Rimmel by Kate Moss (Matte) - 110
Topshop - Rio Rio
YSL Rouge Volupte - 15
Rimmel by Kate Moss - 09
MAC - All Fired Up

As you can see I have two MAC lipsticks and two Rimmel by Kate Moss lipsticks because these are ideally my top 2. Its great because if you want a higher brand lipstick, go with MAC. If you just want to pop into a drugstore, the Rimmel by Kate Moss lipsticks are amazeballs.

Other favourites include the Topshop lipstick line, YSL and some others that aren't showcased...Covergirl (Hot) Clinique and NARS.

I'm usually a fan of matte lipsticks, but the glossier finish of the Rimmel by Kate Moss, or YSL is always a great option for daytime or summer.

I also have to point out these adorable lipstick holders from Anthropologie. I made sure to pick up this one and the two tiered one to hold my entire collection. Stay tuned for a makeup table/vanity post. I have to clean it first...

Lipstick Holder : Anthropologie
-Sydney Hoffman

Gentle Fawn Soul Tank

Spring collections are out and I'm dying to wear the pieces outside without looking ridiculous. It is still beyond freezing and full of snow here in Toronto, so it was time to have a little photoshoot inside. This new spring collection tank from Gentle Fawn is stunning. The back itsself deserves a full post to show it off.

Tank : Gentle Fawn 

-Sydney Hoffman

Friday, February 27, 2015

Mavi Biker Jeans

Here is my look for today!

Denim : Mavi (Similar)
Jacket : Mavi
Sunglasses : Spy Optic 
Bag : Aldo
Heels : (Value Village)

Lipstick : MAC - All Fired Up

-Sydney Hoffman

Thursday, February 26, 2015

GUESS Summer Preview with Lotus Leaf

Yesterday I went to Lotus Leaf Communications to check out the GUESS summer preview. Not only was the summer collection stunning, but Lotus Leaf had the most delicious treats for the preview. I was so impressed with the GUESS pieces full of florals, sexy backs and stunning matching crop top and skirt combos.
Is anyone else crying a little inside from this frigid weather!? It was so nice to see bright colours and dresses. I'm counting down the days until summer...

-Sydney Hoffman

EOS - Evolution of Smooth

EOS lip balms are my absolute favourite. I have about 3 in my purse, two in my overnight bag, one beside my bed and one at my boyfriends place. I guess you could consider it a bit of an addiction!? How can it not be when these cute little balls of moisture are the only things that really keep my lips moisturized and soft all throughout the year. No one wants chapped lips, so I love to have one of these by my side at all times. I also wear a lot of lipstick so you cannot have chapped lips when applying lipstick. These balms are my go to moisturizers to make sure my lipstick glides on, and makes them look luscious.

This Coconut Milk Eos Balm with the swirls is one I have never tried. It smells so good, I'm almost tempted to eat it...almost. The added bonus with most of the EOS balms, is they are 99% organic and you can find them at multiple retailers across Canada. The balms moisturizing formula is packed with natural conditioning oils, including hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. The increased hydration promoted by hyaluronic acid helps to nourish and regenerate skin cells, which we all need during these harsh winters.

-Sydney Hoffman