Friday, May 13, 2016

Kentucky Derby

I just got back from the Kentucky Derby and omg I had so much fun!!! What most of you didn't realize is that I didn't actually attend the Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby. Although I did technically attend the Kentucky Derby, it wasn't exactly the real thing. My best friends family moved to Lexington, Kentucky and about five minutes from their house is Keeneland Race Track. Instead of spending $500 in Louisville at Churchill Downs, we only paid $5 to attend the Derby at Keeneland Raceway. Unfortunately no actual races happened there, but it was basically the derby without the actual horses. Everyone parks outside and tailgates until the races start. Everyone still dresses up in the craziest hats and fascinators. You can still bet while inside Keeneland, and even get all the drinks and merch like my mint julep (below) as if you were at the real derby. Only difference is, instead of watching the races live, you watch them on a big screen in the middle of the raceway. So if anyone out there wants the Kentucky Derby experience without the big price tag, I would highly suggest heading to the Keeneland Race Track.

It was a must to get a mint julep.

Our tailgating spot was quite beautiful.

My mom is absolutely the best, she made my fascinator. I don't know how, but that women can create or make anything!!

Cutest bathrooms.

Dress: LOFT
Bag: LeChateau
Shoes: Aldo
Sunglasses: Sabo Skirt

-Sydney Hoffman

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Trench Coat Season


Coat: Vero Moda || Jeans: Bluenotes || Shirt: (Dad's Old Shirt) || Boots: Aingle || Bag: Material Girl || Sunglasses: Ray Ban ||

-Sydney Hoffman

Friday, April 8, 2016

Splashing around in the puddles.

Trench: JACOB || Sweater: ValueVillage || Jeans: Mavi || Boots: HUNTER || 

I decided to really test out my HUNTER boots with all of these puddles. I'm so happy the snow is finally gone, which means I can actually get back to taking spring shots. I was right in the middle of my spring groove, when this damn snow storm hit. I actually didn't take any photos for a week because I refused to take any with snow. Luckily I had many shots from my trip to post throughout my social media and blog, so it worked out best. I truly am a six year old when I have my rubber boots on. I will purposely run into puddles and mud...because I can. Must be the kid in me when I use to play outside for hours in the rain in my rubber boots and coat while singing "rain, rain go away." I still sing that, is that sad?

-Sydney Hoffman

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Clinique Obsessed

I have been using Clinique ever since I was fourteen and hands down it is my favourite skincare brand. I now use Clinique more than ever and I'm still finding products I love. The Clinique moisturizers are my best friends. These beautiful creams have been my go-to moisturizers forever. It started with the ever so classic Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and during the winter when my skin is extra dry the Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator is truly a miracle cream. I have sensitive, dry skin and if you have that too, you NEED to try out these products.

If you live in Canada you will know that The Bay or Sears will have special promotions every couple of months with Clinique. If you purchase a certain amount from Clinique, then you get a gift bag full of sample goodies. I absolutely love this because I get to try a ton of different products that I would have never tried before. 
This Pretty Easy Brow Palette is so amazing, and is currently becoming my "can't live without" product. I have been so impressed with all ranges of Clinique's makeup selection. I find their eyeshadows, bronzers, mascaras, and blushes are amazing. Whenever I throw a sample product from the gift bags in my makeup routine, I always find myself reaching for it. Everything is pigmented, lasts long and really compliments my sensitive skin.

-Sydney Hoffman

Sunday, April 3, 2016

French Riviera

 Top: Gentle Fawn || Jeans:  Bluenotes || Shoes: Converse || Sunglasses: TOMS || Bag: Aldo ||

These are the last shots of my France trip, and I'm so sad to say goodbye. If you follow me on Instagram-@sydhoff3 you will see I'm having a hard time letting this trip go. I just keep finding more photos I want to share. I mean it's really not hard to take amazing shots here, because everywhere you look its stunning. Everything is a beautiful backdrop and everything is basically picture perfect. I didn't have to scout a pretty location, because I walked 1 step outside my hotel and I had about a million different options. It was my first time in Europe and it's safe to say I caught the travel bug and I'm already planning out my next vacation!!

-Sydney Hoffman